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Introducing Cindy Faust, MSW

  Cindy is a Professional Life Coach specializing in guiding women through significant stages of life, relationships, career and professional transitions, and life changing health issues. With over 25 years of experience as a licensed clinical social worker, she brings a unique insight and understanding of the challenges that women face when their lives are drastically altered and colored by illness, loss, anxiety, and feelings of not being in control.  As a breast cancer survivor, Cindy brings her own experience and that of hundreds of women whom she has helped in her clinical practice as well as through community wellness and healing arts programs.  She credits her roles as a wife, mother ,and artist for helping her to develop her unique approach to healing and personal fulfillment.  Known for her work in the field of women’s health, Cindy is  also a seasoned and energetic speaker and workshop presenter who has appeared on Good Morning, America and other television and radio programs.  She has  lectured extensively on subjects of mind-body connection, spiritual and emotional well-being, and healing through the creative arts.  Cindy is a dedicated professional who brings insight, expertise, compassion, and passion to the coaching experience.

 To know if coaching is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is there a gap between where I am in my life and where I want to be? 
  2. Am I willing to try new concepts and devote time to creating a higher level of self esteem and performance?
  3. Am I ready to move beyond analyzing, complaining, and dreaming and take action?
  4. Can I take the time and effort and to invest in myself?
  5. Do I want to take action and live my life fully and not just survive?

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

The primary function of coaching is to create a context in which life and performance enhancement may take place. Coaching assumes that the client is already high functioning and is capable of taking consistent action steps towards their life vision. However, clients with a psychiatric diagnosis can also benefit from coaching if they demonstrate the ability to make ongoing progress toward their coaching goals and they are actively managing any symptoms. Coaching works in the “critical gap” between the present and the envisioned future. In coaching, history is approached only as the map that brought the client to the present.

  The primary function of therapy is to create a context in which healing may take place. Therapy assumes that symptoms or behavioral patterns need to be fixed, that something in the client needs to be healed.  Therapy tends to work in the past to promote emotional healing or resolve psychological pain, or in the present to reduce symptoms or destructive patterns.


Professional Presentations and Trainings

Presenter, The Diane Barton Complementary Medicine Program: Live, Lunch, and Learn Community Education Series, Healing Arts Workshops,  October, 2004-December, 2009

Speaker, Cooper Hospital Women’s Health Conference: “The Many Faces of Women: Creating a Healthier Self”, September, 2006

Speaker, The Cancer Institute of New Jersey Oncology Nursing Conference: “Survivorship: Inventing a Life Beyond Cancer”, March, 2006

Speaker, Balanced Chiropractic: “Critic to Coach- Learn how to Turn the Power of your Inner Critic into a Positive Self Coach”, November 2005

 Speaker, Jewish Community Center Conference- Cancer and the Jewish Woman: “Sexuality and Intimacy”, September, 2005

Trainer, Dubman Realtors Employee’s Training: “The Attitude of Gratitude”, February, 2005

Clinical Educator, Mt. Laurel Center for the Family: “Introduction to Thought Field Therapy”, November, 2004

Speaker, Art League of Boca Raton: “Freedom From Your Inner Critic”, January, 2004

Speaker, AMIT Women of Deerfield Beach: “How to Be Your Own Life Coach”, January, 2004

Clinical Trainer, Mt. Laurel Center for the Family: "Applications of Thought Field Therapy in PTSD",
February, 2000

Speaker, West Jersey Hospital Radiation Oncology In-Service: “Therapeutic Humor: The Right Medicine”, November, 1998
Clinical Educator, Virtua Hospital System: "Family Systems Approach to Cancer Care", December, 1998

Presenter, Employee Assistance Program of Bermuda "Thought Field Therapy in Treatment of Phobia", December, 1998

Clinical Educator, Mt. Laurel Center for the Family: "Dissociative Identity Disorders- Diagnosis and Treatment”, June, 1996

Guest, "New Jersey Journal" Fox 29 Television: "Cancer Research Issues", June, 1996

Guest Speaker, West Jersey Community Education Series: "Self-Image and Sexuality After Breast Cancer”, November, 1996



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